Annotator for Machine Learning, Various Languages at Globalme Localization

This is a short-term/part-time contract position (6-30 hours for 4-6 weeks duration, start ASAP)

  • You must be fluent in English and native/bilingual in one of the following: Russian, Swedish, Japanese or Korean.
  • Remote candidates are welcome to apply.
  • Required weekly hours vary depending on candidate’s availability.
  • High attention to detail is a MUST. No previous experience necessary.

Globalme is a language and technology company; featured for the fifth year in a row in Business in Vancouver’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC. We offer localization services for websites, mobile apps, and software, and provide a full set of services around the development of wearable technologies. In particular, data collection, functional testing, usability testing, user trials, semantic analysis and more, in North America and around the world. We also provide managed services to some of the exciting clients in tech and sports industry.

As an annotator for machine learning/AI technology, you will work on classifying text data to train AI algorithms.


  • Classify text (utterance) data according to guidelines/taxonomy in the chosen native language and English.
  • Check accuracy of already classified data according to guidelines/taxonomy in the required languages.
  • Communicate effectively with client and team.
  • Work with team to identify ways to increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Additional tasks as needed.



  • Focus on quality work – you pay attention to details and can’t stand sloppy work.
  • Computer-savvy – You naturally figure out new tools and software.
  • Resourceful — you have a head with plenty of good ideas and strong internet skills.
  • Problem-solver – you are able to foresee potential problems ahead of time. You figure out problems that rarely have textbook solutions. “Let me figure this out” is a sentence you use often.
  • Positive — you have a “nothing is impossible attitude”. You believe that everything can be done.
  • Clever and fast — you understand things quickly and are not confused about simple things.
  • Self-starter — you see a clear link between your actions and their outcomes. You don’t sit around and wait for others to tell you what to do.
  • Logical decision maker in ambiguous environments.
  • Open to receiving feedback — you focus on solutions and improvements rather than finding excuses why something doesn’t work.
  • Strong team player in a multi-language/multi-cultural environment.
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