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LawnStarter is a fast growing, profitable startup headquartered in Austin, Texas and we recently announced a $10.5 million growth round of funding. We’re anticipating one of our most exciting years yet and are looking for problem solvers who are passionate about delivering exceptional support experiences to join our expanding Phone Support team for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

This is a remote, full time (40 hours a week), temporary position with the possibility of extended or even full employment based on your performance through the Spring and Summer of 2020.

This is your opportunity to be a part of something awesome, that you’ll be able to help shape the future of, while working with a wonderful team of peers.


  • Pay starts at $11 to $12 per hour
  • Our current Phone Support hours are 6 AM – 10 PM CST, Monday – Friday, and 8 AM – 5 PM CST, Saturday – Sunday (These are subject to change based on the needs of our Customers/Providers)


The majority of your time will be spent supporting our Customers and Providers via phone where you’ll be answering any questions they have about our application, services, and policies.

Your primary Key Performance Indicators will cover areas such as Attendance and Schedule Adherence, Customer Satisfaction and Quality, and Work Efficiency, among others.

The following traits should describe you:

  • Residence (You’ll need to be a resident of any of the following states for the duration of your time with LawnStarter: FL, GA, NC, PA, OH, VA, TN, TX)
  • Quiet, Dedicated Workspace (You’ll need a workspace with a reliable internet connection that allows you to take calls for the full duration of your shift without interruption, noise or otherwise)
  • Customer Focused
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication (You’ll be speaking with our Customers and Providers frequently and will need to take detailed notes of your interactions, while most communication with your teammates will happen over chat)
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solver
  • Adaptable (Things can change fast and often in a startup environment, you’ll need to be able to adapt to those changes and continue performing without a hitch)
  • Flexible Hours (You’ll be given a schedule that you’ll need to adhere to and we’ll do our best to keep it consistent, however the needs of our Customers/Providers may require changes to schedules)

Nice to have, but not required

  • Experience with supporting customers via phone
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience with Five9 and/or Zendesk
  • Backup plan for internet/computer issues

Equipment Requirements

You’ll need to have the following equipment for the duration of your employment with LawnStarter:

  • High Speed Internet Connection (You’ll need to be connected to the internet at all times in order to take calls and you’ll occasionally be on video calls with your peers and managers, so you’ll need a connection capable of this without lag or disconnects)
  • Computer (Windows or Mac is fine, as long as you can use Google Chrome with multiple tabs open at all times and with little to no issues (crashing, extreme slow downs, etc.)
  • Headset (Customers and Providers will need to be able to hear you clearly and you’ll need to be able to hear them clearly (no static, muffled voice, or choppy audio))
  • Webcam (For team and 1:1 meetings we’d like to see who we’re working with and talking to, so a webcam that can capture video of you is required)
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