DevOps Engineer at Deep Consulting Solutions

DevOps Engineer (AWS)

  • (Part Time, Remote, Ongoing)

We are looking for a highly skilled DevOps Engineer with extensive AWS administration experience to help our team to have well functioning architecture and deployment for our software solutions. We are in need of a mature, self-organized, and Senior level professional.


What We Do

We work with niche companies to restructure and automate their operation so that their businesses can grow sustainably and quickly. We do that by effectively analyzing their business, streamlining their operational processes, and putting in place an effective automation software solution to run the company operations.

We have a very elaborate business analysis and design process which allows us to control requirements and prevent scope creeps from occurring. Therefore, our Tech Team is expected to deliver a large amount of projects in a quick amount of time – and it is vital for us to have the best DevOps and infrastructure to enable that to happen.


We normally build complex custom solutions that consist of:

  • Front-end and Back-end Web Apps that we run on Amazon AWS. It is essential for us to best optimize the AWS resource and its services (such as Lambda, RDS, Cognito, etc..) to deliver solutions that are of high quality and scalability and can be built and deployed fast.
  • Customized CRM and ERP systems built on the Zoho Platform and heavily connected into our custom apps.
  • Programmable telephony (based on Vonage platform) that we heavily connect into our custom solutions.

Project-to-project, our solutions end up having reusable pieces that we can use (e.g.back end integrations), and it is essential that our infrastructure allows us to easily support and utilize that to our advantage.


What We Need From You

We will need you as a DevOps Engineer to provide us with the high quality infrastructure that will enable us to effectively run our business and deliver, maintain, and scale our software solutions that we implement in our client businesses.

We will be allowing you a fair amount of autonomy in how you exercise your role and intend to structure our arrangement with a monthly base/retainer and a bonus for every project that we successfully launch and deliver with you, incentivizing you to most effectively use your expertise to enable us to accomplish our business goals.


The execution of your role will include the following:

  • Administer AWS Infrastructure, including provisioning and security;
  • Monitor the AWS Infrastructure;
  • Assist developers with best practices in architecting solutions in the AWS cloud;
  • Design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management scripts;
  • Assist developers with code deployments in all environments;
  • Participate in the creation, setup, and execution of performance tests;
  • Build, maintain and monitor configuration standards;
  • Perform database-related activities;
  • Work together with developers and QA engineers to help improve pre-release testing;
  • Participate in release planning activities;
  • Help manage risks that may affect scope of a release;
  • Do other things that you will deem necessary to effectively deliver on the result.


Expectations and Requirements

We expect all of our team members to be:

  • Responsible and serious professionals capable of consistently delivering high quality;
  • Good and Effective Communicators;
  • Willing to re-examine their approaches when current approaches aren’t working.


For this position, we will expect the candidate to have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Experience with AWS is required; familiarity deploying and operating applications in AWS including EC2, SQS, EBS, IAM, RDS, ELB, Elasticache and the AWS APIs;
  • Agile Principles / Continuous Integration / Continuous Release;
  • Cloud/Data Center Administration;
  • Knowledge of Travis-CI;
  • Automation/configuration management using Terraform;
  • Knowledge of best practices and IT operations in an always-up, always-available service requirements;
  • Versatile scripter for administration, operations, and monitoring tasks;
  • Competent and active proponent of DevOps principles.


Hiring Process

We intend to hire the best capable professional for this position in the most effective way, while making effective use of both your and our time. We do not intend to hold long, drawn out interviews, and rather will prefer to evaluate candidates by their abilities. To make it happen, the following hiring process will be used:

  1. Job Application Form.
  2. Automated Online Skills Assessment.
  3. Interview.
  4. Paid Practical Assignment.
  5. Evaluation and Offer.
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