Fact Checker at TED

Fact Checker

  • New York, NY or Remote
  • Contracted
  • TED-Ed
  • Entry Level

About the role:

TED is seeking multiple smart, curious fact checkers for upcoming projects including TED-Ed lessons, TED mainstage talks, podcasts, direct to camera video and other initiatives.

Responsibilities include checking facts and figures (statistics, references to specific studies, qualitative descriptions, etc.), names (accuracy of reference, spelling), vetting anecdotal information, quotes, and any other specific references that would normally be footnoted in academic texts. Our fact checkers are here to trace the facts back to the “source.” Sometimes this means they have to go through the data sets, review the initial experiment, or reach out to the speaker/educator to ask about their sourcing and conclusions. Other times that might include vetting accompanying graphics, visuals and animations. TED is looking for candidates who like to know where the facts begin — sticklers for detail who find deep joy and pride in accurate research and detail vetting.

Strong research skills, statistical literacy, and subject area strengths particularly in STEM areas are required, with previous research assistant ships and/or substantial research projects preferred.

More about you:

  • Minimum of 1-2 years of topic-specific experience as a researcher and/or fact checker
  • Interest in and ability to conduct fact-checking in STEM and humanities fields.
  • Experience with original research and/or data collection is strongly preferred
  • Strong written communication skills with an appreciation for sensitive feedback
  • Please include any languages you are fluent in (speaking multiple languages is not a requirement for eligibility)

Duration / Location:

This is a flexible position that requires an average availability of 12 hours per week, though this may vary during slower/busier periods. The position will be remote, so geography is not a factor.

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